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Mud tanks are an important part of the drilling system on any rig in Texas. Most mud tanks in use are designed with sections that are partitioned, with each partition capable of holding about 200 barrels or more, with each partition connected. While mud tanks can be either rectangular or circular in shape, there is increasing use of the less traditional circular design, even at drilling rigs. This allows for more effective mixing systems and less risk of the mud settling in the corners, a common problem with the rectangular shape.

Private Label Products

When it comes to connecting tanks, Bulldog Specialties, LTD. offers our own brand of mud tank unions. These include both air grip unions, air grip union assemblies, and O-ring mud tank unions. Our team of experts can provide information on the specifics of each of the unions we offer, including the benefits of offering both the air grip and the air grip union assembly as part of your standard inventory. We offer a range of different sizes in all of our mud tank unions, with nominal pipe size measurements provide to make selecting the right size, from 3 inches to up to 16 inches with our O-ring mud tank unions, a simple ordering process. All of our private label mud tank unions are crafted with quality, reliability and long life cycles as key factors. To learn more about the advantages of selling our private label products, talk to our sales team today. bd1


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